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Ma 'anshan renhe mold co., LTD. Is looking for a domestic sales agent

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Maanshan renhe mould co., LTD is a joint venture. Bowang town, maanshan city, which is located in the hometown of blade mold; It is only 20 minutes away from nanjing lukou international airport, along the 314 provincial highway, connecting jiangsu, zhejiang, Shanghai and other industrial developed areas. The transportation is very convenient.

The company is mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacture of CNC turret punch die. The products include China jinyuan, jinan jiemai, Taiwan lifu, Japan AMADA, Japan MURATA, Germany TRUMPF, America STRIPPET, Belgium LVD, Finland fin-power and other CNC turret punch molds. Products are widely used in electrical switch, communication equipment, household electrical, elevator manufacturing, chassis manufacturing and other industries.

At present, the company has advanced manufacturing equipment and excellent production technology, the main production equipment is CNC milling machine; CNC lathe; Precision grinder; The cutting; Electrical pulse, etc. Can continuously develop all kinds of new products of CNC turret punch. The company produces all kinds of molding molds, such as punching mold, punching bud mold, punching hole mold, half cutting mold, single bridge mold, double bridge mold, upper flanging mold, lower flanging mold, shutter mold and various composite molds.

The company in line with the "attitude determines everything, the details determine the success or failure" concept, do everything well. Do every product well. For the majority of new and old customers to provide better products and services!

Now, in order to further expand sales at home and abroad, the company has decided to hire dealers in major cities throughout the country.

Dealer conditions: i. honesty and trustworthiness; 2. Certain knowledge of mechanical parts; 3. High school education or above, age 25-30, male or female; Four; Have the spirit of hard work;

Distributor treatment: the company gives the lowest ex-factory price; Give the business commission according to the sales volume;

Production address: shijia industrial park, bowang new district, maanshan city (opposite to sino-german machine tool company);

Contact person: Mr. Tao tel: 0555-6776392 fax: 0555-6776393

Address: enterprise email:

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