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Analysis of export market of mould industry in China

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At present, the die-casting molds exported from China are concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and other places, and the amount of molds exported from some enterprises has accounted for more than 30% of the total output value. More and more high-quality die-casting molds have been transported across the sea. The common features of these molds are the excellent materials, excellent production, high dimensional precision, in line with the customer's standard requirements, the service life and casting quality have reached the international advanced level, and at the same time, they have obvious price advantages. China's die-casting mold has not only attracted the top domestic customers, but also attracted the eyes of world-class automobile giants such as general motors of North America and Chrysler of the United States. They have sent experts to visit mainland companies for many times, and we all have the intention to cooperate with each other. Die casting die for automobile oil chassis exported from China to Europe has been approved by foreign businessmen due to its strong price advantage, advanced design and exquisite production.

From the national macroscopic policy, industrial development, international and domestic market capacity, large complex precision casting mould and die casting mould of international and domestic market is huge, the world automobile industry giant American Chrysler a in China only for mould design and manufacture of mould order of intention has 300 million yuan, as long as the cooperation company technology strength is likely to get the order, so large precision mould investment projects are based on the theory and practice.

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