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Construction machinery industry rebound is no longer distant

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Net profit growth is expected to fall to 5-15% in 2012. On the one hand, commercial housing, high-speed rail and other investment growth will decline; On the other hand, the change of government and the 12th five-year plan will increase the investment in social security housing, water conservancy projects, environmental protection and other projects related to people's livelihood. It is estimated that the growth rate of urban fixed asset investment will be slightly reduced to about 20% in 2012, and the growth rate of net profit in the machinery industry will be reduced to 5-15%.

Construction machinery industry pick up need to wait for the second half of next year. The industry boom is still in a low period in the short term and is expected to pick up in the second half of next year. In the short term, it is still difficult for the construction machinery industry to outperform the market. Medium - and long-term investors can start to pay attention to the industry leading companies with near-record low valuations, such as sany heavy industry. Overall energy equipment to maintain a high degree of prosperity, medium - and long-term development prospects. (1) the coal machinery industry will maintain a steady growth rate of about 20% during the 12th five-year plan period, and focus on the companies that have successfully transformed to fully mechanized and high-end mining: tiandi technology and zheng coal machinery. (2) coal chemical industry and natural gas industry will usher in a period of rapid development.

Railway equipment and nuclear power equipment to pay attention to the next national policy signals. The bidding for emu has been suspended for a short time, and the bidding for trucks and subway vehicles is still on the rise. Next year, we will focus on the railway investment planning and the bidding of emu. Nuclear power projects are expected to restart early next year, which would benefit equipment companies such as heavy machinery.

In the post-financial crisis era, the fluctuations of the global economy, the transfer of the "active zone" of the market, the rise of emerging industrial forces and the combination of attack and defense of traditional giants are reshaping the new structure of the machinery industry and pushing the whole industry to an unprecedented historical stage and juncture. Machinery industry is facing new opportunities and challenges. The survey results show that, according to the legend, more than half (51.9%) of the respondents are very optimistic about the agricultural machinery industry in the twelve industries of the machinery industry. The basic parts industry followed closely, with 40.3% of respondents expressing the same confidence in the basic parts industry. The machine tool industry ranked third, with nearly 30 percent of respondents (27.8 percent) optimistic about the machine tool industry. Less than 10 percent of the entrepreneurs were optimistic about the internal combustion engine industry, with the lowest confidence index. Recently, the international economic situation is sluggish, and agencies have revised down the growth rates of the world economy and China's economy. Some scholars and institutions are pessimistic about the future of China's economy. Despite the economic gloom, officials and academics are warning companies to hold off on expansion. Regarding this issue, the survey results showed that 42.3% of enterprises still believe that the operating conditions next year will be better than this year. 32.6 percent of respondents think it will be the same as 2011, while about 10.5 percent of companies are pessimistic. Another 14.4 per cent chose "uncertain" without giving a clear answer.

2012 was the second year of the "twelfth five-year", all kinds of industry development plan in place, encourage and guide private investment development of strategic emerging industry rules start on the right track, so investment growth throughout the year not pessimistic, the questionnaire of "the industry overall operating conditions to which the enterprise belongs" problem, enterprise's attitude toward their industry also obviously different. 33.7 per cent of policymakers were confident that their industry would fare better in the coming year. 36.5 percent of policy makers said industry conditions were unchanged from 2011. On the other hand, 15.3 percent of policy makers are pessimistic that the industry situation will get worse. About 14.4 percent of policy makers gave an "uncertain" answer.

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