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Improve the way of hole machining

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Challenge: how to improve performance for critical intermediate applications in hole machining

Solution: create a new generation of replaceable drills.

Today's drills vary in performance, depending on the type. Based on the requirements for drilling and the practical limitations of the tools themselves and their development, they already have established applications. There are several types of drill bits that currently dominate hole machining and the field consists of branching fields that evolve with the performance of the bit.

The indexable bit has unmatched production economy and can efficiently process bolts through holes and some threaded bottom holes. The depth of the hole can be up to five times the diameter of the hole.

The polished solid carbide bit can drill very precise holes and achieve a high surface finish. But they are relatively expensive knives and need to be repaired (re-polished and re-coated).

The ground welded carbide drill bit is suitable for machining holes with medium aperture and tolerance range. The hole size is usually between 10 and 30 mm, and the hole depth can be up to five times the hole size. The drill also needs to be repaired, and if the drill tip configuration is complex, a 5-axis joint grinder is required.

The newly developed replaceable bit has established its position because it can reflect many advantages. In general, they are suitable for applications where the bit size and tolerance range is between a solid carbide bit and a indexable bit, with overlap in some applications. It has obvious advantages over welding bit. The market needs a new generation of products.

There is a lot of room for improvement in drilling in this intermediate application area. Holes in this area can be found in a variety of different parts and materials, such as threaded bottom holes, especially precision holes for articulated machining, holes in heat exchanger tubesheets, more precise machining holes, and general deep holes, which are still mostly made of solid carbide and indexable bits.

The technology of the replaceable bit defines the acceptable maximum and minimum tool head sizes as well as their practical and performance limits. The replaceable bit can be an excellent solution for the right application area.

For this purpose, according to the practical application, the replaceable bit shall achieve the tolerance of IT9 to IT11 and the surface quality superior to Ra 2.5. The drilling depth needs to be up to 12 times the diameter of the hole. The customized service can provide short and medium length to meet the machining stability or drilling depth selection, or step drill and additional chamfering ring. The feed rate should be as high as possible, and the life of the tool head should be long and stable, so that the tool head can be easily and quickly replaced on the machine tool.

The concept of replaceable hair has been around for years. Some of the potential defects of older products on the market must be overcome in the development of a new generation of bit, including the strength and stability of the interface, tool life, cutting stability, cutting parameters, ease of use, ease of cutting head replacement, chip removal efficiency, accuracy consistency, and machining reliability.

A good replaceable drill can bring many benefits:

(1) reduce unit part cost. Through improving the production efficiency, prolonging the tool life, shortening the processing time, increasing the output, improving the utilization rate of the machine tool, reducing the unit drilling cost and so on.

(2) improve the operation. This is achieved by shortening the time required for tool head replacement. The way of tool head replacement also improves operation safety.

(3) the reliability of bit can be improved during machining, and the machining performance can also be improved accordingly. Reliability depends primarily on tool design, which is related to subsequent scrap rates, unnecessary machine downtime losses, and tool damage.

(4) with the right bit concept and classification, the application requirements can be more precisely defined, so as to optimize the application.

(5) save bit repair, also save grinding, coating, handling, management and inventory. Although the tool head is disposable, it can still reduce the tool cost.

The new CoroDrill 870 is a new generation of replaceable drill bits that provide an economical and efficient means of machining very important intermediate areas in hole machining, often depending on a specific combination of aperture, hole depth, and quality requirements. The drill is an essential part of the CoroDrill family, along with the solid carbide drill CoroDrill 860 and the indexable drill CoroDrill880.

The CoroDrill 870 is a highly technical product with a specially optimized head and body. The new bit concept was developed to provide better feed rate, tool life, finishing performance, reliability, and tool maneuverability to machining in the area.

One of the advantages of the CoroDrill 870 is that the tool can be customized (aperture, ladder, length, and clamping section) to fit and optimize the relevant application. The CoroDrill870 can drill the required hole more efficiently and make it more suitable for subsequent operations.


The Corodrill 870 was developed for a variety of applications, machine tools, drilling types, spindle speeds and Settings. The design of the tool head, body and their interfaces makes the drilling process safer and more reliable, improves machining efficiency and prolongs the tool's service life, thereby reducing the cost of each part.

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