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Stamping sheet metal "twelfth five-year" plan

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Major breakthroughs were made in technology and products during the eleventh five-year plan period

During the "eleventh five-year plan" period, China's stamping, sheet metal forming process technology has also made progress, has been vigorously developed, especially the automobile stamping production and large sheet metal parts production has made significant progress, mainly as follows:

(1) hydroforming technology. When hydraulic drawing forming, the drawing force is greatly increased and the springback is reduced. Because the plate is not drawn on the rigid rounded corner, but through the liquid gap pressure, so the forming parts of the stress distribution is uniform, forming parts of high precision; The reduction of forming process reduces the cost and cost of the die.

(2) tube internal high pressure forming technology. Internal high pressure forming technology is to process the hollow parts with complex geometry through the pressure medium, the forming precision of the parts is high, the weight is light, the integrity is good, reduce the welding seam, can reduce the corrosion; In addition, because cold hardening also improves the rigidity of the formed parts, so the internal high-pressure forming has obvious technical and economic advantages.

(3) hot forming technology. Thermal forming technology was first used in aerospace, aviation and other fields. In recent years, in order to reduce the weight of parts and improve the anti-collision capability of the body, some new and special materials have been applied to the automobile manufacturing. The hot stamping technology of high strength automobile board is mainly used to produce the parts of the car body structure that require high strength, such as the inside beam of the door, the column, the central passage of the bottom plate, the body longitudinal beam and beam, the threshold, the bumper and so on. The strength level of these components is directly related to the safety performance of the car, in particular, the country has raised the requirements for the level of vehicle collision prevention, and the strength level of these components is related to the safety star of the whole vehicle.

(4) use CAD/CAE technology to improve the process and reduce the number of processes. The development of CAD/CAE technology provides a powerful technical platform for the parallel design of products and processes. As an example, the material utilization rate of the parts of the cover outer plate was only about 60% when the square material was used. However, through the simulation and optimization of the arc material, the material utilization rate was increased to 80%.

(5) sheet metal multi-point forming technology. Sheet metal multi-point forming technology is a kind of flexible manufacturing technology, the application of the products include titanium alloy hull plate forming, stamping, high-speed train streamlined front sheet forming three-dimensional curved surface parts, aircraft skin parts, large construction structure forming and large scale high precision reflector panel of multi-point forming, the forming technology can save the new product development process for mould design, manufacture, test, modify, complex procedures, such as the amount of time and money, quick, low cost and high quality to develop new products.

(6) sheet metal stamping process is one of the pillar processes of aerospace manufacturing engineering. Shot peening, strong spinning, super plastic forming of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy, large mirror skin forming and other modern advanced technology are widely used in aerospace sheet metal stamping forming. Sheet metal stamping parts constitute the aerodynamic shape of aircraft and rocket bodies, as well as various product parts of different sizes, complex shapes, different materials, different output and various varieties. Large aircraft have 30000 ~ 50000 sheet metal stamping parts, many of which are formed by special equipment.

"Forging industry" twelfth five-year "development plan", is the Chinese association of forging industry research for the national 12th five-year plan, mainly introduces the forging industry during the "twelfth five-year" development present situation, market demand analysis of typical products, development goals, during the period of "twelfth five-year" key task, policy recommendations, etc.

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